Additional Optional Extras and Activities

Additional Services offered at Casa del Mar

At Casa del Mar, we like to offer our guests a variety of optional extras rather than offering a single all inclusive package. We have found that guests like to vary these optional extras day by day. For example, 1 day you may wish to hire the boat captain to customize a day of sightseeing following by a trip to a local restaurant for dinner. Other days you may want to hang out at the house, snorkel, swim and have a cook come and prepare meals for you. The choice is yours and nothing need be reserved in advance, you can decide on arrival or on a day by day basis. All optional extras can be paid at the end of your stay.
Boats with Local Captain
At Casa del Mar, there are 2 boats dedicated to the property that guests can rent with captain. A 22ft CaribePro sport fishing boat (with 90hp etech) ideal for 2 – 4 people wanting to fish or we offer a locally made 22ft Panaga (with 75hp Yamaha)with 4 bench seats that comfortably accommodates 8 people. This boat has a roof and is perfect for families or bigger group that want to take private custom excursions. The cost for either boat is $20 per hour plus fuel for daylight hours and $30 per hour plus fuel for after dark.
* For the safety of our guests, we do not rent our boats without our local captain. The archipelago can be difficult to navigate for those that are not familiar with the area. There are also many shallow reefs that are hard to see, so by utilizing our local captain, who also acts as a great tour guide, we can continue to protect our precious reefs.
Some ideas of places you might like to visit: Zapatilla Islands, Starfish Beach, Red Frog Beach, Hiking, Bat Caves, Chocolate Farm, Zip Lining, Horse Back Riding, Scuba Diving, Sport Fishing, Salt Creek Indian Community tour to name just a few.


Local Cook

During you’re stay at Casa del Mar, we can provide a local cook to prepare you’re meals at the Villa. Our cook would make 2 trips during the day at times convenient for you, to prepare you’re meals. Provisions are purchased by you, you decide what is cooked and meal times. The cost for the cook per day is: $40 for lunch and dinner (cook only – no food included)Or To prepare dinner only, the costs would be $25.
If you would like us to handle the grocery shopping, we would charge 10% of the cost of the groceries to cover this service plus boat time to run to town if a special trip is needed. We would work with you upon arrival on you’re meal preferences.

Local Masseuse
While staying at Casa del Mar, we would be happy to arrange a local masseuse to visit the villa for your own private massage. Casa del Mar is equipped with its own

professional massage table. The cost for your own private 1 hour massage is: $30
Additional Housekeeping
Included in a 5 nights stay or longer,  a single  complimentary house cleaning is included. Should you wish housekeeping on more than one occasion during you’re stay, the cost would be $30 per cleaning.

Free Stuff!

Of course, the best things in life are free! Here are some ideas for activities while staying at Casa del Mar:
• Unlimited free use of 2 new touring stand up paddle boards and 3 Kayak, (2 singles and a double) and 2 authentic locally handmade wooden dugout canoe.   we highly recommend taking the paddle-boards or Kayak out into the middle of the bay at first light (6:30am-7am) and relax amongst the dolphins during there morning feed.
• Swimming or Relaxing on the inflatable floating water bed while sipping a cool drink or reading a book on the calms water in front of Casa del Mar
• Unlimited free use of snorkeling gear. Explore the incredible coral reefs in front Casa del Mar.
• Relax in a hammock in the jungle tree house or on the front deck.

• Take a hike on the beautiful trails behind Casa del Mar. You can hike the mountain, meander through the orchard and don’t forget to visit the lagoon and grandfather trees.